Wet Rooms LeedsWet Rooms Leeds

If you are looking for an independent professional to install your wet room, then look no further. Here at MJC, we offer a wide range of fitters, applicators and installers – all of which have years of experience of installing wet rooms.

Our wet rooms offer a stylish addition to your home and are currently sought after. Put simply, a wet room is a drain in the floor of your bathroom.

Naturally the wet room needs to have the correct gradient to enable water to flow to the drain but this is often achieved using pre-formed trays. It is common to tile a wet room from floor to ceiling to ensure that the room remains water-tight.

Wet rooms done well are fashionably modern and minimal, and seen as the last word in luxury. They offer a flexible use of space that’s not constrained by conventional shower-tray shapes and sizes, and some claim that they add value to a property – though it must be said that this is more likely to apply to high-end, urban homes.